Bulgaria is one of the most popular locations for filming in Europe. Over the past 10 years, more than 300 foreign film projects have been filmed here, which led to the flourishing of the local film industry. Along with an attractive location, you will find high-level professionals and decent technical support here.

1. The Country, geography, visas.
Bulgaria is bordered in the north with Romania, in the west with Serbia and Macedonia, in the south with Greece and Turkey, and in the east goes to the Black Sea.

The capital is located closer to the western border, the distance from Sofia to the sea is about 400 km — you can get to any point of the country by car in 4-7 hours.

The northern territory is flat and hilly, goes to the Danube River. There are mountains in central and southern Bulgaria.

Bulgaria is a member of the European Union, but is not yet part of the Schengen Agreement.

Bulgaria issues its own visas by the European procedure, and also allows entrance with Schengen visas for non EU countries.

With a tourist visa one can stay in the country up to 90 days within six months, counted from the current day.

2. Finance

The Bulgarian Lev is pegged to the Euro at a rate of approximately 1.95 (1 Euro = 1.95 Lev). The general price level in the country is quite low, which makes it possible to implement projects with a modest budget.

Tax refund was banned by the president of the country, but compensation for part of the costs is possible — the matter is discussed with local producers

3. Crew

All production companies and rental services in Bulgaria are concentrated in Sofia, but since the country can be intersected within a few hours, it is not a problem to organize filming in any other place.

Films, TV series, advertising, sitcoms, numerous TV shows are produced on the Bulgarian market.

Most professionals have worked on well-known American and European film projects, and are highly qualified.

We will gather optimal crew for your project after discussion of your needs.

4. Equipment

Sofia has all the necessary equipment for filming, special transport.

Additional equipment, if necessary, can be quickly delivered from Europe without borders and customs.

5. Stages.

Sofia has a large number of different stages, specialized for filming a movie, a television show, with ready-made scenery, free for the construction, with a large number of office space. Some of them have vast territories adjacent to the pavilions, where you can take pictures of nature in the open air, build sets without organizing expeditions.

Recently was built one of the biggest watertank in Europe (20x20x6 meters), covered and with heated water for comfortable underwater filming all year round.

6. Sets

Bulgaria has qualified specialists in creating Sets.

At the present time there are ready-made full-scale, pavilion and television shows sets for various projects. New York, London, ancient Rome, an Arab village, an American town, country town, a fragment of a Victorian building and a cemetery, a war-torn city, a Persian wall with a gate, and some more.

7. Props, costumes

Sofia has an impressive collection of household and military historical items, firearms from the Turkish war to modern times.

There is a workshop for creating realistic layouts, robots, dummies of excellent quality.

A large fleet of vehicles with historic and modern cars, military trucks, all on the go.

In the presence of a huge collection of clothes from different eras from antiquity to modern times, plus fantasy costumes. Military uniform of several countries and times, including German and Soviet.

In Bulgaria, a large number of American and European films are being filmed, and game pieces are available for further work.

8. Locations

The country is rich with a variety of urban and natural landscapes. Here you can successfully shoot Russia, Middle East, NewYork, London, Italy, Malta, practically everything except gothic.

In Bulgaria you can find modern buildings, panel houses, administrative buildings of the Soviet period, classical European buildings, specific Balkan buildings.

The country has a large number of fortresses of the Byzantine and Turkish period, both in ruins and restored. Palaces of aristocracy with preserved interiors and park areas.

In the mountains there are many picturesque villages, in the seaside zone there are villas with pools and gardens.

Hotels of different classes throughout the country.

In the mountains there are many monasteries of original architecture. Temples of various faiths.

There are abandoned industrial buildings and airfields with the remains of aircraft.

There are yacht, cargo, fishing, passenger seaports.

The mountains of Bulgaria are full of lakes, forests, rocks, caves, waterfalls, ancient stone bridges.

Crops are grown on the plains, depending on the season, very picturesque — fields of sunflowers, alfalfa, lavender.

In the sea coastal zone there are many undeveloped areas with wild beaches or cliffs. The wide river Danube.

9. Summary

World film companies are successfully using Bulgaria as a shooting location. Low prices and a large variety of landscapes, access to the sea, a wide choice of places for shooting adventure and military scenes, the presence of pavilions and technology makes this country attractive for shooting in any genre.


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