В начале 2015 года на киностудии NU Boyana построены декорации Лондона. Вот что говорит об этом официальный сайт:

Nu Boyana’s London set recreates East London and the luxurious Mayfair area in West London together with Shepherds market. We offer a 1:1 replica of the Saint Paul cathedral and the square in front of it together with the statue of Queen Anne, as well. The buildings height is around 8.5 meters (12 meters for St. Paul), in which interior sets could be setup according to the specific project’s needs. There are two bars, an art gallery, more than a dozen office entries, several luxury stores and other shops. Their interiors could be dressed right according to your needs. The set offers operational traffic lights and a subway entrance, as well. Several productions have been shot there in the last months such as “London has fallen”, “Survivor” and the Bollywood film “Dilwale”.

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